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PDF Export always includes notes


When I export mockups to PDF (all or selected ones) and I uncheck “Include mockup notes”. The notes are still exported and appear. Is there a workaround?


Oh weird, @mgabelmann. I’m sorry about that.

First things first, let’s get you on Mockups 3.4.2. I don’t recall there be any changes to the way we made to the way note export works, but I am unable to reproduce it here, so updating may fix it.

If you are running 3.4.2, would it be possible to send the project file to so that I can take a look at it?


Thanks. I am using 3.4.2
I found a workaround where if I toggle View > Markup I can include/exclude Comments, but if they are on and I “Export PDF” and deselect “Include Mockup Notes” the comments appear.


Are you using the “Note” control for your Mockup notes? Or are you using the notes in the inspector?