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PDF export - buggy links killing my productivity


So, we’ve seen issues in the past with incorrect links in exported PDFs. They’ve been linked to various causes - groups, symbols, stacked links etc.

I’m currently trying to share a project with some developers, and they need to see the correct UI flows. There are something like 130 mockups in the project (including alternates), of which I want to export about 55. Every time I test my exported file I find linking glitches. Sometimes the cause can be traced and fixed, but sometimes the error is seemingly random and I have no idea why the link is going to the wrong place. In one particular mockup there are no alternates, no symbols, no groups and no layered links, yet still this one link goes to the wrong page when it’s exported to PDF.

Short of manually editing the link destinations in Acrobat I’m stuck as to what else to try. I must’ve wasted a good 2-3 hours today just trying to debug my project and it’s still not working :frowning:

I really hope that this area is being given a serious overhaul in the upcoming native Windows release.


Ugh, I’m really sorry about that, Chris.

I’d love to take a look at that project to see if we can figure out what’s wrong. If there is something there we can fix, we definitely want to do it.

Unfortunately, some of these issues are a byproduct of the PDF spec, but if it’s something we can fix, we will!


While this doesn’t address the PDF link hiccups you encountered, have you thought about sharing the BMPR file directly? Your developers could download Mockups 3 to view your mockups. After 30 days the software stops allowing saves, but still works as a “viewer”.


@russ I’ve thought about that yes, but I don’t really want anyone digging around under the surface of what I want to present. They’d get in a tangle with all the alternates etc and I think it would cause more confusion than the broken links themselves.

Here’s an idea - @Brendan - how about producing a very stripped-down reader-only version of Mockups, that could easily be distributed to stakeholders? It’d be great if It could only show the currently active alternates, and would work in full-screen mode only (allowing markup and link hints to be toggled on/off as normal).


Sounds very close to the new feature we’re adding in our new native version! No ETA yet but we’re getting closer. :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us!


Cool stuff - really looking forward to the new version.

By the way, I know I raise a lot of bugs and gripes on here, but I should also say that Mockups is a totally indispensable tool for me, and it’s very near perfect for the kind of work I do. I’m also way impressed with the engagement of you guys here on the forum and the quick turnaround of bug fixes and improvements. Keep it up!!:thumbsup:


Thanks for the kinds words, @Chris_Gatland! It really means a lot to us. :slight_smile:

Can’t wait for you all to try out the new version!