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PDF export does not have working links in iOS menu list


Ungraded recently from mockups 2 to 3, and it seems links dont work when exporting the mockup to pdf in the iOS menu list that i previously used. Is there some way to get that control working with mockups 3 PDF export? There’s no layers here, except for a rectangle representing the the entire iOS screen behind it (part of a symbol reused on all screens).
Kind regards


Hey @compelling,

Sorry for the trouble here, my friend. Would you mind telling me what version of Mockups 3 you are running?

I only ask because we recently discovered and fixed this bug with the most recent 3.5.5 version, but if it’s popping up again, we definitely want to know.

If you are running 3.5.5 already, would it be possible to email us the project? That will help us dig a little deeper and see what’s up!

Sorry again for the trouble. We will get it sorted!


Hi, using the latest version 3.5.4. Just emailed you the project.


Hey @compelling,

Thanks for sharing your project. I’ve just replied to your email but wanted to share it here too. :slight_smile:

It seems like you’ve hit the bug Brendan mentioned in his reply above. The good news is that we fixed it in our latest version (3.5.5) and you can download it here.

I just gave it a try and the links work fine in the exported PDF. Hopefully, this should solve the issue on your side too.

Let us know if you need anything else, we’re here to help!


Thanks, yes the new release fixes it!