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Pdf export - how to exclude comments?

Hello Balsamiq team.
Even if I am not selecting the option “Include wireframe notes”, the pdf export contains the comments.
How can I exclude these comments from the pdf export?

That’s strange, @simple45.

Are we talking about the comment control or comments you’re writing in the inspector?

What version of the application are you using? We just released an update today.

Let’s start there, and we can dig deeper depending on your answers.

I am talking about the comment control (not the notes in the inspector).

Is that possible or not? I am not seeing any option in the pdf export excluding ou including comments, but but I thought that the option “Include wireframe notes” is for both of comments and notes. is not it?

Ahh, that isn’t dictated by the mockup notes, Simple.

However, if you choose to hide markup (CTRL/CMD +K - or pressing the button in the toolbar), and then export, they will be hidden.


Thanks Brendan.