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PDF export issues

  • PDF exporting with the “Current wireframe” option set does only export one wireframe, even if multiple wireframes have been selected in the Wireframes pane. It should honor multiselection.
  • There is no option to scale every exported wireframe in the same way. I have two frames showing different situations on one screen, and the total size is different as the screen size changes. In addition, one view has larger tooltips than the other which extend the rim of the screen. I currently do not see a chance to export all in one size than to place a same-size large rectangle in the background.

Hey @Karsten_Tinnefeld. These are interesting and I’d like to get some input from you before I write them up.

First, for exporting the current wireframe to PDF, the export to PDF menu has the ability to select specific wireframes. Are you saying that you’d like the selected wireframes in the navigator to be checked off in the export menu?

As for the scaling, everything is scaled based on the largest object on the screen, which sounds like it may be the problem here (and why putting a large rectangle on screen fixes it). The worry here is that having more detailed scaling controls for exports will complicate the app more than it needs to be. But, if we can think of an easy and user-friendly way to do it, it’s definitely something we can talk about.

Let me know your thoughts about both of these things, and I will get stories written up for them. :slight_smile:

  1. Printing

Given a more complicated project (here: some 50+ wireframes), hierarchical ordering and folding in the navigator view give a good chance that one can work efficiently with the wireframe set.

When it comes to PDF export, however, the wireframe tree turns into a simple list with no correlation between the currently selected wireframes and the preselection in the print view. This is fine when one usually exports some specific set of result wireframes, keeping the rest out of the way.

Now, my case at hand was to export some two wireframes to PDF to give a quick demo of a view toggle. Since Export PDF to wireframe / Current wireframe exports the wireframe currently on display, I had hoped that selecting multiple wireframes from the navigator would turn this option into a “export this multiselection” version of itself.

It would be ok to have the Set of Wireframes list options “active official all none” have a fifth action link selection which would change the wireframe selection in the PDF export dialogue to the current multiselection, but the first option is my preferred option.

  1. Export scaling

The problem is simple as this. Find a scaling that leads to a PDF which may demo the example switch between two views of a screen by clicking a toggle without the rest “jumping around.”

PDF export example.bmpr (116 KB)

So that project actually brings up an interesting point. The reason you’re having trouble is that the tooltip expands the margin of the pdf in the 2nd wireframe. As you have said, if you add a rectangle, it exports fine.

PDF export example.bmpr (116 KB)

I wonder if the solution isn’t a custom scaling setting, but to add the option to have PDF export size wireframes on the project level (like our full screen mode does), rather than the individual wireframe level.

That’s super interesting… I’ll write it up!

As for the wireframe selection issue, I wonder if having the “select wireframes” list show hierarchy would be the best solution here. I think that would solve your problem and make it discoverable for others. Or is there still too much noise in that list, even with hierarchy?

This version even works with full screen demoing. So maybe both the print and the full screen options advanced zoom could use a “largest surrounding rectangle” zoom option.

A select wireframes tree would surely homogenize navigator and print selection and be preferable.

As for the requested multiselection export, I imagine I read Export to pdf > Selected Wireframe, while it is Current Wireframe, so not misleading in fact. Still, Export to pdf > Selection might be a fourth option worth considering, but I understand you find it too complicated?

I’m concerned that it will be hard to find for normal users, you know? There isn’t a good way to communicate that the selection you have in the navigator will carry over to a modal export window.

It may be worth adding as a “power feature”. It’s something we can talk about.

Ah, understand. My idea was to change the wording of the second export option on the left hand side to “Selected wireframe(s): list of selected wireframes, where normally list of selected wireframes=current wireframe and in the rare case of multiselection something like 1st wireframe, …(3 other)

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