PDF Export - Notes float over images


When I export to PDF from balsamic cloud, my notes float over images, also, titles float over images like this below. Is that just the way it is?



Hi @TanyaG,

Thanks for the post. The wireframe name will always appear at the top left of the page so, depending on the content of the wireframe itself, the title may or may not be overlaid on your actual content.

I’m a little more curious about the positioning of the notes - you may find you can get the result you’re looking for with changes to the settings: “Optimize for viewing on screen”; “Shrink to fit a page”; “Paper size”; and “Orientation” depending on your content.

It might help to take a closer look at your actual project, if you’re comfortable sending it to us. We’ll only use it internally for examination and delete it the moment we’re done. Send to support@balsamiq.com and we’ll be happy to take a look.

All the best.