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PDF Export Quality


Same here. PDF is very low quality. :frowning:


Sorry about that @Julinho.

As Brendan mentioned, this is going to be much better in the next major version that we are preparing for the tool. We’ve started the private beta for the new web version and a Desktop version will follow that.

We’ll make sure to let you all know here when it’s available!


Need another beta tester…? :smiley:


I’m adding you to the list @Design_SeventyOne, we’ll be in touch soon! :slight_smile:





I’m testing Balsamiq for wireframe mockups atm and I really like it so far. However, the poor PDF export quality is a deal breaker, so I am wondering when is this new version going to be available and will I have to purchase a new license for a newer version of Balsamiq?


Hi @DeadApe and thanks for the kind words. :slight_smile:

We don’t have any ETA yet but our new web version is already in private beta. We’re working hard on making it as smooth as possible before launching it and a Desktop version will follow that. We’ll make sure to keep you all in the loop here.

Major-version updates will have an additional cost indeed, please find the details on this page.

We’re here if you need anything else. Enjoy your day!


Hi guys, same situation here - I love Balsamiq but the low quality PDF export is a deal breaker here too :slight_smile: Thanks for working hard on it!


Any updates on this? Balsamiq used to allow great quality PDFs that were linkable. Why would you take functionality away? Can’t use this tool anymore :frowning:


I’m sorry about that @CMMM. We are super close to having better exports in the web app. We have had to rewrite the whole thing in order for this to happen. As you can imagine, that’s been a pretty big undertaking.

But better exports are coming. We should have more news about Web and Desktop updates soon. :slight_smile:


Any updates on this?


Indeed there is, @Nicolai_Kilian - I’m sorry we haven’t been more forthcoming with it!

Almost all of our apps (Mockups 3 for Desktop and myBalsamiq being the exceptions) have the improved PDF quality. We are working hard to bring all the improvements to the next version of the Desktop app.

myBalsamiq won’t get the update because of its platform limitations. Balsamiq Cloud (our next-generation web editor) does have the high-res PDF exports.

We are working on bringing high-res PNGs as well. Hoping to have more news on that soon. :slight_smile:


The cloud app export quality is much much better (as you’d expect with vector), but I’ll be waiting for it to come out on the desktop app. :slight_smile:

Any idea when this might be?

P.S. thanks for making Balsamiq an awesome app.


Hi @Dominic,

We’re working hard on both the native Mac and Desktop apps and, as you might imagine, it’s a big job.

Right now, we’re telling people ‘later this year’. I know that’s not the most helpful, specific timeline but we’ll update the Blog as we get closer and have a better idea of an accurate release date, ok?

Would you like me to add your name to the list for early testing? Which platform are you on?


Hi @alasdair,

Mammoth task I’m sure.
I’d happily test an early release and provide feedback. I can test on both Mac and PC at home.



Added you to both lists, my friend.

We will be in touch. :slight_smile:


Hey guys, so do I get this right, as for now in order to improve the PDF export to the maximum I am better of using Balsamiq Cloud application instead of my OS desktop version 3.5.15, or is this the exact same quality? Need to get the highest quality out of it, sadly for now my desktop PDF exports are just too blurry, although I chose “optimize for viewing on-screen”. Would be great to hearing back from you, everything else apart from this little issue is absolutely perfect!


That’s correct, @shackleton! Balsamiq Cloud already allows for high-resolution PDF exports.

On a side note, our next major Desktop version will also include this feature and we are aiming for a release this year.

Any questions, we’re here!


Hi @Virgin and once again thanks for the quick reply! I didnt look into the Balsamiq Cloud application as of yet so please bear with me when I ask the following: I assume I will just have to upload my finished .bmpr file to the Cloud application after signing up for it in order to be able to do the export, correct? Also another quick question, have you ever encountered the issue or got told about, that once created PDF´s “loose” some of the links they include? I stumbled upon an old project’s PDF and openened it to click my way through it and noticed a fair amount of links did not work anymore although I am very sure that they used to work back when I created the PDF…? Ever heard of something comparable before regarding this issue?


Hey again @shackleton :slight_smile:

Getting your project into Balsamiq Cloud is as easy as uploading the BMPR file, but please let us know if you run into any questions or issues with that.

As for PDFs losing links, it is something we have heard of, but it’s very rare. Are you running macOS or Windows? The last time we ran into this issue, macOS’s preview app was somehow meddling with the links.

Something to keep in mind, however: PDF links are not fully supported by all viewers. Windows 10’s native viewer, for instance, is notoriously bad with links. We usually test them in Adobe Acrobat to be sure.

Let me know a little more about that, and we will dig deeper. :slight_smile: