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Permalinks still valid after account expiry?


Please does anybody know whether the permalink will still work after an account expires? E.g. if a mock-up was created in the 30 free trial version?


Hi @Vera_Underdown,

Can I start by asking you which version of Balsamiq you’re using? I ask because permalinks were a feature of myBalsamiq but we’ve not been accepting sign-ups for a while now and I doubt we have any active trials still.

In Balsamiq Cloud, we don’t offer the permalink feature but we do have “Public Review” links which might be used in a similar way.

I don’t like to assume but I think it’s more likely you’re using Balsamiq Cloud. With a Cloud trial, after an account expires, we alert you by email and we keep the data around for 30 days to give you time to download your projects or subscribe to a plan if you decide to keep using Cloud. After that your space and projects are deleted so, at that point, any Public Review links would no longer work.

Get back to me if my assumption is incorrect or you have any other questions, ok?


Hi Alasdair,
Thanks for your response. Yes, it is the Cloud Version I’m using.

I also noticed that export only works as pdf and png files as opposed to whatever the balsamiq file format is.

After the alert email, am I not able to edit anymore?

Thanks for your help.



Hi @Vera_Underdown

It depends, there are different emails. We announce when your trial is about to expire. Once it is expired you can only download the project. If you download a project you will receive a bmpr file.

Here is the doc to download your project.


Thanks Florian.