Pie Chart- suggestions to edit/create/color?

I’m having difficulty with something that seems very simple!

I want a pie chart, and the ability to color the wedges as appropriate, and change the relative wedge sizes.

What’s the best way to go about this?

Hey again, @Rufus_Casey. Long time no talk! :smiley:

There is no way to customize the pie chart control directly, I’m sorry to say. It’s meant to be a visual placeholder more than a reflection of actual data.

You can, however, change the color of it with a little work around.

If you place a pie chart on your canvas, and then place a circle shape on top of it, you can bring the opacity of the shape down, and change its color. That colored shape will then shade the pie-chart underneath.

Let me know if that works for your, Rufus, and thanks again for taking the time to post. Let us know how else we can help you :smile:

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Hi Brendan,

Is there a possibility that editable graphs will be a part of a future release of Balsamiq?

Thanks in advance

That’s a good question @DominiqueSA

Mockups is meant to be that step right above Pen and Paper, so we tend to err on the side of visual placeholders, rather than elements that reflect a “finished product.” That’s why the charts and graphs control isn’t more customizable.

But there may be a situation we hadn’t considered, and we’d love feedback on this. What would you like to see editable on graphs?

Thanks for the feedback @Brendan!

Understood and you are right, that is the purpose of mock ups (which is not the finished product :slight_smile: ).

While I was working on the graphs, my first instinct was to want to change the values of the Pie Chart. I wanted to add to the two standard pie slices to represent more values. Not necessarily add numbers or labels to the slices but just to represent more than 2 values. (Please let me know if I don’t make sense!)

Like you said, it is only mock ups and therefore won’t represent the final product… So it was just a question to check if this might have been added to your road map.


It’s something I think we are more than happy to discuss. I’ll throw it back to the team and we will give it some thought.

Thanks for checking back in with us :). Let me know if there is anything else that would make your wireframing life easier!

Hi the editable colours would be nice though and an option to have more than 2 slices in the Pie. My requirement is for more than 2 slices

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