Pin buttons to tabs


I am working n my first mockup and I have some questions I cannot figure out. I have built a mockup that has a page with multiple tabs. I have added buttons to the first tab but when I switch tabs the buttons come with. Is it possible to pin buttons to each tab to show what each tab will look like?


Mockups is not a RAD (rapid application development) tool. For each screen you want to design, you have to create its own mockup page.

e.g. Clone your page, make the second tab active, design the content.
Clone the mockup page again, make the next tab active and design its content.

If you want interactivity, link the just created pages over the tabs link properties.

Does this make sense?

(Edit: I just saw, that you are referring to myBalsamiq, I don’t use this tool and my answer might be wrong in this context. Sorry for that.)


Hi @brebbe79,
What you want to do is use symbols within your mockups. Symbols can be used like templates for objects such as tab, buttons, etc. Take a look at this page for more information on using symbols within myBalsamiq:


I am way late to this party. Thanks for the assists @andi and @russ! :facepunch:

@brebbe79, if you need anything else, let us know. You can post here, or shoot us an email at!


I was able to just make separate pages very quickly for my client and knock it out. I am going to work on the Symbols portion moving forward.

Thanks for all the responses!!!


how to add content in horizontal tabs which show on same below window ,
i m trying to add somthning but selection tab content only display i have 20tabs nd i want to put content in all …


Hi @Abdul_Habib_Sayyed,

Thanks for reaching out about this. As mentioned above, this is not something you can achieve in our little tool which has low interactivity on purpose, more details here.

On the other hand, the linking feature might you to demonstrate this by creating a Mockup for each Tab if you’d like to show and then link them together, as show below:

Once all your links are set up, you can ALT+click on the little arrows to use them (or even use the Full Screen Presentation mode or PDF export):

Hope this will work for you! Please send us a mail to if you need any further help with this. :slightly_smiling:


Thanks for the help


Fantastic idea to just make separate screens and use the linking capability to link tabs to the other balsamiq screens. I was hassling with trying to keep groups of components all together when trying to move around screens of elements, and the grouping capability is kind of iffy with balsamiq.