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Pinned Balsamiq recently used selections


I use Windows 10 and have pinned the Balsamiq app icon to the task bar.

Now. if I right click the icon, I get a list of recently used projects and can pin any of those so they remain on the pinned list of that menu. However not all my projects are listed in the recents and I know (I think) that the limitation to how many can be pinned or shown in recent are far more than what is shown.

Any ideas or suggestions as to why this is happening?



Hey Michael!

I wish I had an answer for you here, but the recent projects shown by Windows are completely out of our control. I’m not even sure how Windows pulls the information. If I were to guess, it has to do with the Adobe Air underpinnings of the app.

We don’t know for sure yet, but we are hoping that this gets better with the native version of the app.

Sorry I couldn’t be of more help, my friend. We hope to have more control over this soon.


Ok, I forgive you… :slight_smile:

But just the same, the projects that show are all one word and it seems the ones that are missing have breaks between words.

As much as I hate playing with project titles once created, I’m going to see if keeping the titles all as one word (phrase) makes any difference.

I’ll post my results.




I figured this out…

Balsamiq project names cannot have spaces inbetween words.

ABC - shows up
A BC - does not show up (actually it shows as just A)
ABC_SCHOOL - shows up
ABC SCHOOL - does not show up. (it shows as just ABC)

See, it was your fault all along - LOL :smile:
Just kidding…


So weird.

Thanks for the followup, my friend!


Here’s some info on changing how many recent/pinned items will display in your Jump List (the name for the taskbar application context menu). Odd that it requires a registry fix since Windows 7 and 8 allowed you to change the number in Taskbar Properties.

As far as I know, any projects that you open via Windows Explorer folders will appear on the jump list. If you open projects via the File > Open menu, or File > Recent then they generally don’t appear on the jump list.


Bingo! Thanks for this tip - it had been annoying me for a while too. I can now get my recents on the list by launching once via Explorer :smiley:


That is interesting, and it seems to work like this for balsamiq. However, when you create or open a file from within an Office application, it shows up in the jump list right away. That is the standard behavior that I would expect for balsamiq, too. The danger of working on an older file is quite real if the jump list does work like it should.
So please guys, no excuses about not having access to the jump list, find out how it works and fix it. Thanks :wink:


This is definitely on our list of things to fix. We think we may get the fix for free with the native version of the app, but if not, we will have the ability to fix it at that point.