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Placing a group into Vertical Tab container


I have this web browser container with a Vertical Tab Container and a group of other things. I want to be able to put this group inside the V.Tab but I haven’t been able to. When I double click on the V.Tab, it only lets me edit the name of the tabs.
Can anyone help me?

Hi there @Austin_Blackwell and welcome to the forums!

Sorry this isn’t clearer - let’s get you all set.

The V.Tabs control is a text-based control so, when you double click it, we open the text of the control for editing. For background, you can read, here, more about text-based controls.

As such, it’s not possible to place controls inside the V.Tabs control but you can move controls over other controls which has the same effect.

In your example, it’s probably easier to group the controls you wish to overlay the V.Tabs so they’re easier to move as a single unit.

Take a look at this GIF to see what I mean:

If anything is unclear or I have misunderstood, get back to us and we’ll work through it.

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Hello again @Austin_Blackwell

I noticed that you’re using Mockups 3 for Desktop? My demo GIF is using Balsamiq Wireframes - it’ll look just a little different but the idea is exactly the same. We’re here if you have any questions.

Thank you for replying so quickly!!!

Ok, so I had tried doing that exact thing by grouping and dragging it into the container. However, when I do that, the container keeps priority and when I hover the group over the container, it instead goes underneath it. How do I stop that from happening?

I just saw your other message. I’m still very new to Balsamiq. I wasn’t sure on the Mockups3. I see now that I posted this in the wrong area. I am on a Mac using the Balsamiq Wireframes.

Thank you!!

Great stuff @Austin_Blackwell

You can make sure the V.Tabs is at the back by right-clicking it and choosing Send to Back:

(either before you stack the controls or afterwards). For more on vertical position see: Layering UI Controls

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AWESOME! That did it!

Thank you so much!

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