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Please Fix the UI in Balsamiq 3


I know this is a broad complaint to have, but I recently got B3 and had a very negative reaction to the new UI. I really wan the whole thing to be fixed more like the way B2 worked. Why?

Well I use a Macbook Air 11-inch and use Balsamiq on it all the time. As I have a small screen I typically keep my UI library on the right, dock the properties box and so on. Now look at Balsamiq 3:

In B3, so far as I’ve been able to find, I’m stuck with a UI library across the top, a mockups browser on the left (instead of the old bottom tabs) and an Inspector on the right. Net result: I have about 50% less screen devoted to actual drawing space, i.e. the bit that I’d actually use all the time. Well done Balsamiq team, you only considered the big screen use case where I’m sure these aren’t issues. But for me you basically broke the application.

Please please PLEASE update it to restore the flexibility of choosing where I place my library etc etc. It’s really ridiculous that software designed to help make UIs has itself made such narrow UI decisions. If they’re not addressed I may have to ditch Balsamiq and use something else, which I don’t want to do.



I feel your pain, brother.

Been there, requested that.

Hope you succeed. I was not strong enough.