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Please keep the cfg file


I think you should keep the cfg file, or allow different font selections. Your users should be able to change the font across all projects with the config file or even have font options for each project.


Hi Natalie, thanks so much for your thoughts. At this point, we are definitely killing off the cfg file. However, we are thinking of adding better support for choosing a font in the app—probably in something of a preference panel. I’ve added your vote for that feature to our internal tracker. Thanks again!


Good idea. The more we can customize the experience for our clients, the better.


Hi there! Try the latest build, there’s a new Project Information panel which lets your select Project font face, font size and more. Let us know what you think!


I like it. Keep em coming.


On the same lines of config files, I used to use the config file to point to a central folder that contains the symbols, images that I want to use across projects.

are there any other ways of achieving the above in the new version of Balsamiq?



Unfortunately @srinibs, the central assets folder is gone in Mockups 3. All (local) assets are embedded within the project file. If you want to get into the debate, read the thread named Account Assets are gone and give your opinion.


Mathieu is exactly right. Here is the link to the thread he mentioned: Account Assets are gone. Thanks!


I’m missing the export pngs with transparent backgrounds (see Export to PNG with transparent background), is there any plans to provide this support in B3?


I replied in the other thread: Export to PNG with transparent background. :smile: