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Please provide OS X layout options to for "Window"


The “Window” primitive could be used to make a lovely generic OS X window with just two options:

  • The ability to center the title text
  • The option to shift the trio of window buttons from the top left to the top right

This would speed up my work tremendously.



Hey @Prolost

I will make sure this stuff get’s added to our feature tracker so that we can discuss it. In the interim, we do have a Mac OSX window on our Mockups To Go community site. You can view it here:

You can download that Window and import it as a symbol into your project. That way, you can customize the window to your liking, and then use it like you would a normal window. Here are the instructions for getting it into your Mockups project:

Thanks again for taking the time to bring this to our attention, Stu! If you have any other requests or questions, don’t hesitate to let us know :slight_smile: