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Please retain the option to change the default font


No offense, but I don’t much like Balsamiq Sans.

In the current version of Mockups, I can change the default font via the cfg file, but I don’t see how to do this in Mockups 3.

I don’t need to select new fonts within a project or wireframe, just at the application level.

Call me crazy, but this is really important to me.


Hey Stella, sorry for the trouble. You are right—there is no cfg file in Balsamiq 3, so you can’t change the font that way. One thing you can do if you don’t like the hand-drawn font is to switch to use System Fonts. We’ll remember your selection when you create a new project, so it will act like an application-level setting, but it’s actually project-level. So you could have different projects show different fonts.

In the future, we are thinking to add more support for directly choosing the font, probably in some kind of preferences panel. I’ve added your vote to our internal tracker for that. Thanks!


Hello Stella, we just introduced a “Project Information” panel which allows you to select font face and size for your project. Try it out, we can’t wait to hear what you think! :smile:


How is this feature supposed to work? I changed my defaults to Helvetica Neue 14px and now I’m unable to overwrite these values for elements that need to use smaller or larger font size. Inspector panel shows the new font size value but all elements stay with 14px font size.


Sorry, please get the latest build again. Individual control values should override the project value


Thanks, it’s better now. There are some more issues though:

  • New elements still have the old value preselected by default (13px) although the real value is correct (14px Helvetica Neue for me).
  • Geometric Shape has 16px font size and I’m unable to change it.


Hi @Taimar

Thank you for the two bug reports.
The geometric shape uses the default size …

We’ll get them!


Works great – exactly what I needed. Thank you so much!


In 999.96 the two issues are fixed :smile:


I’m still seeing that the default font size is 16px for geometric shapes.
It should respect the font size I manually defined to be default (14px in my case).


Right I see it. Let me give some technical insight. There are three controls that do not use the default font size.
These are:

  • Geometric Shape Font Size 16
  • Subtitle Font Size 24
  • Title Font Size 40

Here is an order how which size value gets used:

  1. App default font size is 13
  2. Project default font size
  3. Control default font size
  4. Specified font size on the control
  5. Overwritten font size in a symbol instance

Now we could go ahead and change the default value but changing default values is always asking for trouble if no font size value was set on the control.


Thanks for the insight, @Florian_Brauer! I understand the need behind having larger default font size for subtitles and much larger default for titles… but I don’t understand why geometric shapes need to have slightly bigger font size. Could you explain it please? All that I can say is that I’m almost always changing the font size back to “normal” when using geometric shapes.


Hi is there a way to use multiple fonts on a single wireframe, such as helvetica and helvetica light to emphasise specific elements?