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Portrait mode monitor not good for new Balsamiq


I have a portrait mode monitor (long dimension is vertical) so my scree is short horizontally. Well, your new design apparently assumes everyone uses a landscape mode monitor with lots of space in the horizontal direction because you now put properties and navigation along the left and right sides of the screen. But I don’t have room there! I really want to arrange the property window and the navigation window along the bottom of the screen (where I have lots of unused room). How can I do this?


Hi @ml194152, sorry for the hassle! That’s not possible right now. Your best bet would be to learn the keyboard shortcuts (or use the buttons in the app toolbar). That way, you can work in focus mode, and turn on the panel that you need just while you need it. We’ve done some work to make it easier to navigate with the navigator panel closed, so you might be able to get away with leaving that closed all the time.

  • Toggle Navigator: +J
  • Toggle Inspector: +;
  • Toggle UI Library: +L
  • Toggle Project Info: +,

Hopefully that helps a bit. Thanks!