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Positioning all controls, on multiple mockups, at once


Is it possible in some way to select the same control on multiple mockups and move them all to the same position?

I have a project where I have to go through a series of steps using the same screen. I setup the mu for one step, copy it, modify it for the next step, copy it… You get the idea.

The problem is; somewhere along the process, some of the controls move (creep) a bit so as you’re going through them in presentation mode, things don’t line up from one screen to the next. It just looks sloppy.

I’ve tried going though each mu and fixing each to a specified x/y location but that’s really tedious when you have 40+ mu’s and there are 5 controls on each.

Another idea was to copy the control on the first mu and then paste it on all the other screens but that too is time consuming because I have to delete the existing, then paste and again with tons of mu’s each with their own controls…

Mike P.


There isn’t @Michael_Paparo, and I’m sorry about that, my friend. I could see how it would be really useful in this instance.

I’m not sure how we would implement this (maybe using symbols?), but I will check with the dev team to see if there is something we can do here.



Thanks Brendan.