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Possibilities to export mock-up to HTML



I am new to using this mock-up (or any mock-up for this matter). Let me start by congratulating you for making the simplest-to-start-with mock-up tool, I registered for free trials at 5 different and this on is by far the most comfortable to work with, even if some of the others offers deeper functionality.

The purpose of my mock-up is to create instructions and rough layout for an iphone application, but during the testing phase we need it on a webpage where it can register information from beta-users. The project relates to environmental awareness so there will be questions like “how much meat do you eat”, and we want to register the answer from X users, so we need to connect it to some sort of data-base in addition to getting logic/design feedback.

I understand in the older version of Mosambique it was possible to export a mock-up to HTML code, then I could ask a programmer to do the finetuning. From what I read that is no longer possible in v.3. Is that correct? If so, is it planned to be incorporated at a future time? There are references to add-ons that might be able to do this, can anyone recommend me one such?



Hello Fred!

Export to HTML is not planned, and as you said there aren’t any 3rd party tool that understand our new BMPR data format yet.

I would suggest exporting your project as a BMMLs ZIP (from the Project > Export menu). This will create a zip with files in it that use our old BMML format. You can then feed those files to a 3rd party tool.


Ok thanks for your quick answer. If you have done it; what quality of HTML code would come out of such a method? How far from the mock-ups functionality? If you have not done it, I guess we will just have to test it and assess ourselves.

Another question: Is there any way to view a “functional” prototype on a computer that does not have Balsamiq installed? Meaning a clickable version that keeps the links between screens. I saw other tools could export so a mock-up could even be viewed on a cellphone, but here I see picture/pdf format or java code as the standard options. If I make a mock-up and take the time to link all the screens together, I would like to be able to send it to a programmer to make it into HTML without having to buy a Balsamique copy to him just to view the connection between screens. This I could of course do by drawing flowcharts in powerpoint or similiar together with pictures, but would be time-saving to be able to showcase it directly from the mock-up since the link function is there.


Hi again. I don’t know the quality of the HTML, I haven’t tried the tools myself.

As for your second question, look here: - export to PDF should work well.


Thanks, I should have read that one first I think :slight_smile: I just assumed PDF would be unclickable, my bad.