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Possibility to mirror/reflect objects?

In my mockups I try to display a interaction flow and I’m copying a lot of boilerplate stuff like headers and footers. Is there a way to link/clone a main object into several clones that mirror the changes to the main object?

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Hi @Almighty,

It looks like you would get a lot of use out of Symbols! They allow you to create groups of controls and reuse them over and over.

Here is the documentation on them:

Don’t hesitate to ask any questions. We are here to help! :wink:

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Not sure if this has been addressed since, but I am a new user to Balsamiq, and I still do not see this basic ability.

I am currently modernizing diagrams for my company. In that, I am cleaning up much of the busyness and giving the overall image a clean and uniform treatment.

Much of this work would be made efficient and simplified by an ability to reflect any selection or group of selections. This applies to that which I have created by hand, or components which I have layered. Even components that are complicated. If I could select anything and reflect that selection, an entire layout is made easier to modify from there.

That said, a recent series of diagrams have required slight adjustments to represent variations. The ability to rotate an opening or select and mirror a selection of work would have been a great advantage. The software is multi-use, so it shouldn’t be restricted to workarounds, it should be intuitive.

Sorry that we haven’t gotten to this yet, @OJR.537249.

Now that we are putting the finishing touches on the new desktop app, our time will free up for more feature work. We will talk about mirroring controls. :slight_smile:

Let us know if there is anything else you’d like to see.

Hi Brendan,

Thank you for the quick response. My journey in searching for instructions to mirror actually began with the ability to rotate.

There was a lengthier conversation with much back and forth asking why, how, and providing workarounds. I can pull that in here:

Separate from these, is the ability to set different line weight and potentially do more with the line dash settings, because there was often little shown and where I lengthened a line, there was no more dashes added where I needed it to be shown.

Take care,
Orry R.

We don’t have any plans to address line weight right, Orry, but I will say that what you ran into sounds like a bug.

The line control, when set to dashes, should continue to draw dashes as you make it longer. Was it not doing that? Or are you looking to make the dashes themselves larger?

Specifically, it was the elongation of the line. Because of the proximity within the space allotted, I required more line dashes or more line dots, but neither would appear due to the setting of the required length for the next dash.

Is it possible to centre the line dash/dot so it has equal distribution from the centre to add more length in? Or, if that doesn’t work, to shorten the gap between dashes/dots?

The reason I mention line weight is that the use of lines/arrows as manipulated by hand are obviously heavier from the preset assets.

Thanks again.

Take care,
Orry R.

There isn’t a way to control the dashes, Orry, and I worry that that would be more high-fidelity than what the app usually offers.

With that said, you aren’t the first person to mention line weight. If we end up implementing that, maybe we can throw something in there for some dash control as well. :slight_smile: