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Possible feature: Clear links


Hello again
I realise I am on a roll these days constantly suggesting new features and changes - it’s just that I really think Balsamiq is an amazing tool and some refinements (not really major changes) could supercharge it even more!

Having said that, I was wondering if there could be clear link/clear all links buttons for links in the sidebar.

I recently copy pasted an item from one project to another and naturally it showed errors on the links so I had to manually remove them - no big deal I know but if you could clear the broken links easily it could shave of just another tiny little bit of time :slight_smile:



Thanks for the kind words, Panos. We cannot tell you how good it makes us feel that you are enjoying Mockups. :slight_smile: And keep the feature requests coming, my friend. Things like this are our lifeblood, and they help us make the app better.

You are actually not the first person to suggestion a way to clear all the links at once. I’ll give the team a nudge and see where we are on this. If other folks would like to see it, please like this post, and I’ll make sure that the dev team sees that too.

Thank you again, Panos. Looking forward to chatting with you again, my friend - thanks for making Mockups better!