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Possible positioning isssue


I think I found a bug…

If I have the Navigator open and the Inspector as well and click on different MU’s from the Navigator, rather than display left justified, they center in the viewing area.

I other words; when I click on a MU in the navigator, the horizontal scroll bar at the bottom of the screen is in the center of it’s travel. Since all my controls are more or less on the left side of the screen, some are now cut off unless I drag the scroll bar to the left to see everything.

It’s especially annoying when I have made changes to the flow from one screen to others and I’m trying to review them and I have to keep stopping to reposition.



Hmm, that is strange, Michael.

The scroll position should be remembered until you restart Mockups. After that, it should default to showing 0,0 on the canvas (the upper left corner.)

Shoot me an email at and let’s see if we can figure out what’s going on.


Any resolution to this issue yet?

It is especially annoying when working with several clones of one screen.
They each seem to creep a little to the right each time they’re accessed. Very peculiar.



Hrm, I thought we got this onefixed, @Michael_Paparo. Are you on 3.3.9?

Remind me again what OS you are on and I will test this as soon as I’m back from lunch!


Version: 3.2.4, W7 Enterprise SP1

Apparently, I’m (we’re) behind a bit.

How do I upgrade?



Just head over to the download page and click the big blue button. It will download a new installer and install the new version.


Ok, now you’re going to say I’m just being picky but…

I upgraded and the initial issue of this thread is no longer an issue. However, If I expand the navigation panel on the left, due to mockup names getting longer, guess what happens…

The new width of the navigation panel overlays the mockups so they all need to be repositioned again to compensate for the new navigation panel width!

lol, always something, huh?


So this is really interesting, @Michael_Paparo.

The behavior you are describing is the intended behavior. The Navigator is supposed to be an overlay so that you can show and hide it without it shifting the canvas.

The problem is that we broke that behavior recently, so I’m not sure why it’s acting that way for you :stuck_out_tongue:

Here is how 3.3.12 works for me:

If you see something different, then something strange is afoot, and I’d like to dig deeper.

One thing you can do to mitigate this is use the Zoom to Fit command in the View > Zoom menu. You can also do Zoom to Fit All to resize all your mockups to fit.