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Possible to share balsamiq cloud design w/o registering users?


possible to share balsamiq cloud design w/o registering users?

i’m guessing that is a ‘no’, but figured i should ask.

also curious if any of the various balsamiq apps talk to one another. like can i access a balsamiq design from a balsamiq app, or is it only available to balsamiq apps?



Hi @Peter_Smith1 and thanks for getting in touch.

Sure, there are actually different ways for you to share a project with unregistered users, as listed on this page. You could Allow Public Reviews or share an interactive PDF for example.

About your second questions: while files are not directly accessible from all current products, they all handle the same file format (BMPR) so moving a file from one product to the other is pretty easy.

Please let us know if you need any further information, we’ll be happy to help however we can! :slight_smile:


thank u. for some reason the public sharing url was asking me to register. weird.

i don’t suppose there’s any way to send the url so that the user sees only the ‘full screen presentation mode’, or sees that mode first?


There isn’t a way to pop them directly into Full-Screen Presentation Mode, Peter, but it’s something we have talked about enabling.

We have changed the way that Review and Comment works, however. When the editor is in Review and Comment mode (which it is when someone visits your project via the public link), users can click through the project as if it were in Full-Screen mode. So, while the editor isn’t in Full-Screen Presentation mode, it acts as if it were while allowing folks to view and leave comments as they click. We thought it was the best of both worlds.

Let me know if that feels like enough for you and your team, or if going into Full-Screen mode is a better solution. It’s something we are paying close attention to right now and would love your feedback.

Also, let me know if you continue to get a login prompt when visiting from the public link. That’s a bug we’d definitely like to get fixed. :slight_smile:


I basically just want to be able to able to show off what a web app might look like, so going straight to prezo would be legit.