Presentation Mode doesn't do anthing - nothing is clickable


I will confess it is a while since I’ve used Balsamiq, so hopefully I’m just forgetting an easy step. Here is my problem. I made a mockup, saved it, went into presentation mode, and nothing is clickable. It just looks and acts like a flat screenshot.


Oh, that’s strange, Ann. It might be easier to troubleshoot this directly, so if it’s possible, can you email us your project file? We can take a look at it and see if we can find the bug.

If that’s not possible, the first thing I would try is to turn on link hints in Full-Screen Presentation Mode’s settings. That will allow you to see if it’s registering the links you have set up.

Let me know if you can send the project, or if Presentation Mode is registering your links, and we will go from there!


Thanks, I don’t even have any links yet, since I can’t even get my droplists to open in presentation mode. I can set them as closed, or I can set them as normal, but once in presentation mode they just sit there. If that doesn’t ring any bells to you I will see if I can send the file.


Ahh, then that’s the issue, Ann.

Our app acts more like pen and paper than it does a prototyping tool, so there isn’t a way to make elements interactive on a single wireframe. You can cheat this, however, using linked wireframes.

Here is a quick gif I whipped up walking you through it.

  1. I created a combo box and then linked it to a duplicate wireframe
  2. In the duplicate, I opened the combo box with options and then linked it back to the original wireframe

Then, in full-screen mode, it appears as though the combo box is interactive.

You can view the project here

Let me know if that helps, Ann.


That is a tremendous help, thank!