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Presentation mode - navigating to another mockup results in "Initializing" but never are displayed


PALMS3.bmpr (180 KB)

Attached is a project that was working fine for me before, but now when I use Presentation Mode, navigating from one mockup to another results in the message, “Initializing”… and then the second mockup isn’t displayed.

After this problem occurs, returning to normal Edit mode, the editing experience is also messed up. To restore normal functioning of the application, I have to quit Balsamiq Mockups and restart it.

Can you please tell me what is going wrong. Not a good feeling to have this occur when presenting to management!

Please advise! Thank you.


Yikes, Sean, that’s a nasty bug. I’m really sorry about that.

The good news is that we are tracing the cause and should be able to fix it. In the interim, if you turn off link hints, the project should load fine.

I’m really sorry about that Sean, but cannot thank you enough for the file. It was incredibly helpful in finding the cause!

We will get it fixed :slight_smile: