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Presentation mode


Can we have a choice of cursor types. I want to present my pages as a simulation of the page the big blue cursors and arrows are distracting.

Would like to have a choice of normal cursor or laser pointer.


@GJankowski Seek and you shall find :wink:


In presentation mode there is a settings gear in the top right where you can switch off the “big blue cursor” :smile:


Thanks for the answer!


There’s also a keyboard shortcut now for toggling just the Big Blue Cursors: B. Enjoy!



Brings up an issue, when I toggle the modes or pick a issue. The program crashes.

I am on Window 7 and Balsamiq Mockups for Desktop Version: 2.2.24

Any ideas?


Hmm, this is not something that we’ve seen before. Fortunately, as you’ve seen in this forum, our new version is getting closer to being released, and it doesn’t have this problem.

In case you weren’t aware, the B3 version that people are discussing here, is our public beta of our next release. That’s what all of our answers to you have assumed, as this forum is just for the beta currently. That doesn’t mean that we aren’t willing to help you with the older version, but that is not what anyone is expecting here, so all of your answers will probably be wrong until you specify your version. :slight_smile:

Maybe you could email with some more information about the crash you are seeing? I don’t know what “toggle the modes” or “pick and issue” really means, or how that could cause the app to crash. We’d love to get things working for you though. Thanks!


Have you announced when the version will be released?


No, we haven’t yet. We are hoping it’s very soon—within the next couple of weeks at the latest, and hopefully even sooner. Watch to find out when it’s out. Thanks!


Once set the preferences, what can’t they stay set?

Looks like I have to set them each time.


Ugh, sorry for the trouble. This is something missing that we have not yet added. It worked like this in 2.2, and we have an item on our internal tracker to implement this. With this new version, we completely rewrote the full-screen mode, so we have to go back in and add this logic as well. I have added your vote for that to our tracker. Sorry it’s not easier right now!