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Presenting Hierarchy in Mockup

Hi, I am struggling to learn how to express a hierarchy structure while preparing a mock up for my client.
Here the requirement is to select an option from dropdown menu and upon selecting that option I need to have 5 other options to branch out then again when I select one of those 5 other options it should show 5 other options branch out of it.
To explain it simply, the requirement resembles an organisation chart and how can I make a visual representation of it using balsamiq tool. Please help. Thank you.

Hi @Ramana_Nalla,
Mockups help you to present and approve a concept, so you need no to implement hi-fi interactive prototype yet. So I’d recommend quick and simple approach: just present a piece of UI (the concept you want to present), and a hierarchy diagram (Site map control) with links to dedicated pages, see the image:


Thank you Alexy_Kolchenko for providing me with the hint. It helped me to proceed with my work.

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