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Preview not showing up after save


Hi all,

we are evaluating to migrate from balsamiq cloud to balsamiq for confluence cloud. We are currently using the trial version.

We are experiencing a really weird issue.

  1. We import an existing mockup: everything is working fine, the macro is shown in the page and is possible to navigate through the mockups
  2. We edit the imported mockup and then click “save” in the mockup editor
  3. An image for each mockup is generated and the preview page is not working anymore in the confluence page.

Can you please help us on this topic? This is a strong limitation that is making us question if migrate from mybalsamiq to balsamiq cloud for Confluence.

We look forward to hearing news from you.

Best regards.


Hey @asanti, really sorry for the confusion we have caused you here.

You have stumbled onto the old Mockups 3 for Confluence Cloud viewer, which shows up when there isn’t a PNG on the page to display.

This viewer used to be the default, but we got an overwhelming amount of comments that it slowed everything down. That viewer is really great when you have only one on the page - but when you have 3 or 4 of them, it takes a while to load the page. It was one of those situations where we weren’t in sync with how folks were using the plugin. We updated to this version of the viewer to ease the pain.

I wish there were a good way to allow you to choose which macro to use, and it’s something we can definitely look into, but I don’t have a solution for you right now. I’m very sorry about that. It’s something we will talk about. Thanks for letting us know that you like the old viewer better. :slight_smile:

Edit: I forgot to mention that if you go full screen with the new macro, you get the old viewer as well.


Hi, Brendan. Thank you for your reply. Now is clear why when importing an existing project the old viewer pops up and why after the save the new one kicks in.

It would be great that you include any way to let people choose which viewer use for each mockup. In this way, the performance issue you mentioned can be evaluated case by case by the users on the basis of their needs.


Thanks again for sharing your need with us, @asanti. Hopefully the Full Screen option will help with this for now.