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Print (to printer, not pdf) - possible?


I’m currently using Balsamiq to create some paper prototypes that I intend to print, cut out and put in front of users. Is there an easy way to do this without going through the intermediate step of creating a separate pdf for each page I want to print?


Hey @Chris_Gatland

We offered Printing in an earlier version of Mockups, but the experience was not great. We decided that, while it’s an extra step, giving folks the ability to print using their OS’s native print dialog was better.

This is something we will revisit once our apps are all native (which is something we are pushing really hard towards right now.)


Thanks. So I guess if I want to create a multi-page pdf with consistent scaling, I’ll need to duplicate a rectangle onto several mockups to define the page boundary, and keep all of my content inside that?


I used this approach when creating a bunch of mockups that I knew would be printed out. I created a symbol with a rectangle for the page boundary. When added to the mockup, I like to lock the symbol to prevent it from being accidentally moved or resized. You can lock the symbol by selecting the “lock” control. I prefer to use the keyboard shortcut of CTRL+2 to lock and CTRL+3 to unlock.


Good tip - thanks!

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Thanks for the assist, @russ :facepunch:

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couldn’t Balsamiq at least export as a svg?
The problem is that the maximum size of the page is tabloid and the pdf loses resolution.
Also, I couldn’t find where to set the dimensions in cm, so that I could use Russ approach.


Hey @fredguth

Really sorry we missed this question, my friend.

Right now, Mockups cannot export to SVG because Adobe Air/Flash doesn’t support SVG exports, and we are bound by their rules. I can tell you, with near 100% certainty, that the native (non-air/flash) version of the app exports PDFs in full SVG, with selectable text.

This has been one of our “must have” features for the native version. :slight_smile: