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Printed list of mockups


I have looked everywhere and searched through the forum but have found nothing…

I have 99 mockups in a project and suspect that some of them may not be in the flow. Is there any way to get a listing of all the mockups so I can check them off as I go or, a way to determine the unused mockups?



There isn’t a way to print a list of just mockups, Michael. I’m sorry about that.

What you may want to do is take a screenshot of your project navigator in list view, and then use that as the master list for checking things off.

I’ll talk to the dev team and see if there is something we could implement that would help keep track of mockups in large projects like this!


Thank you.


What about using a sitemap and populate it from the project?
You would have one mockup which you can print with all mockups that are inside the project.


Hi folks,

I guess there is a way: Export your Project to PDF and print THAT!



what about when there’s 90+ screens, as my projects frequently have? (my current has 109 and I’m still going, probably hit 130 before I’m done.)

I do not think my supervisor would like to see 109+ pages printed and then tossed out just to track what’s used and what’s missing.

10, even 20 maybe but over 100 - no, not a viable solution.



HI Michael,

In reality, it is not necessary to
really PRINT the PDF.

The PDF created by Balsamiq even has
the advantage, that on can click thorugh, if you add the proper links in
the Mockups…

(I do that with about 140 Screens
in a project regulary…)

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Michael Paparo


08.06.2017 16:32

[Balsamiq Community
Discussion] [Mockups 3] Printed list of mockups


Yes, I understand.

I’m one of those that likes to have it in hand, so to speak so for me I naturally think of printing.


However, it should be possible to print selected pages from a PDF. I really guess there was such a function…



Somehting like this @benBalsam? :slight_smile:


Hello Virgin,

Yes I meant that one. Intented to
be a liitle ironic…

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Virgin Pereira


16.06.2017 09:39

[Balsamiq Community
Discussion] [Mockups 3] Printed list of mockups


I’d like to +1 this! I have a project with 200+ wireframes in it. I embed some of these into specs that I create in InDesign. I like to check off the wireframes as I put them in the specs (done/won’t use). What I did is take about 10 screenshots of the wireframe listing in the project navigator (because my monitor will only show about 20 at once!) then arrange all those into a Photoshop file… then printed that (:roll_eyes:)

I couldn’t find any way to print the page name list from the exported PDF but if someone knows how to do that I’d love to know!