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Privately hosted balsamiq instance


We love mybalsamiq and the idea of a hosted wireframe tool that users can access from a website over using the desktop version. Does balsamiq have a product that would allow an organization to host balsamiq and integrate the hosted version into their infrastructure.

We’re currently stuck using either desktop balsamiq or balsamiq for confluence plug-in because we cannot have our mock-ups be publicly hosted.

Curious if balsamiq has given this any thought since it appears that a privately hosted version is not an option currently.


Hi @petersedivec and thanks for reaching out today!

You’re right, the best options for hosting your data are Mockups 3 for Desktop and our plugins for JIRA Server/Confluence Server and we don’t plan on adding more server options at the moment.

On a side note, we’re working hard on going native (no more Adobe Air/Flash needed alongside) for all our products and we’ve already started the private beta for our new JIRA Server version.

Sorry that I don’t have a better answer for this, we’ll be to help here if you need anything else!