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Problem centering presentation when some unused mockups are large


As explained in

the centering function is based on the largest element in the project.

In my projects, I like to keep some mockups around as a kind of scrapbook, where I can try variations of a design before moving it to the primary mockups. Unfortunately, if this scrapbook gets too large, it prevents the mockups I want to display from properly centering in Presentation mode.

Is there any way to mark a mockup as not part of a presentation, or otherwise hide it, so that it is not taken into account when centering the view in Presentation mode?


Hi @Yawitz,

Thanks for reaching out today!

We actually designed the Alternates feature for you to keep different variations of a design/mockup alongside your project.

Here is the related documentation if needed:

In order to avoid the alternate version(s) from being taken into account for centering the view, you only need to check that each official version (and not the alternate with large element(s)) is selected before launching the Full Screen Presentation mode (as shown below).

Please let us know if you need any further information, we’re always happy to help however we can! :smile: