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Problem Exporting to PDF

I have had this problem before, then it went away, now it’s back.

I finish a mock-up, save it, and then go to Project > Export to PDF.

I name the file in the folder I want to save it in, and then click Save.

I get this:

Eventually it comes back to this:


I click cancel and the same process happens again.

I have to Force Quit to get out of the program.

What can I do to fix this?

What’s crazy is that just earlier today I exported a mock up just fine…

Thanks for the prompt reply.

FYI - I went through other discussions finding the same problem and may have discovered my issue: the version I was using was out of date.

I updated to new version and am testing now.


Ugh, I’m sorry about that, Nate.

We have a pre-release version of the app that you can try as well if the updated version continues to give you trouble.

Here are the details: Mockups 3 For Desktop and Big Sur

Thanks @Brendan

I ended up upgrading to the newest version and purchased the new license.

Seems to be working now.

I really appreciate the quick reply and email.

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Not a problem, Nate. We hate the idea that a bug forced you to update. It’s an adobe air bug that we have been chasing for almost a year to no avail.

We are hoping that the Big Sur update fixes the issue.

Either way, Balsamiq Wireframes for Desktop is all our code, so we control everything. It, therefore, doesn’t have this issue. :slight_smile: