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Problem saving project assets, is there a limit to the amount you can save in project folder?



I was wondering if there was a limit to the number of Project Assets you can save to the project assets folder. We as a business share a Balsamiq project and assets folder via SVN. It has reached a point now that when I try to save a new symbol to assets the file saves in the Assets folder but on the wireframes I just get a place holder saying no Project Asset found. Has anyone else experienced this? Can you have more than one asset folder within a project folder?

Thanks in advance



Hello Neil, there’s no limit in the code. I wonder if it has something to do with the name of the assets that are showing the error, maybe they have some “illegal” character in them like , . ! : / ’ \ or something like that…


Hi Peldi,

No I don’t use any illegal characters when naming them, are there any other suggestions?

Many Thanks



Hmm…I would try to isolate the issue to a simple case (like a new mockup with only one asset), and if you can, email it all to us so that we can debug.

The other “workaround” is to switch to v.3, which doesn’t have these issues because asets and symbol libraries are all bundled in the same bmpr project file as the mockups. :slight_smile: to update, to see what’s new.



i have the same problem. my workaround is: save the mockup which only shows the placeholder instead of the asset, then close it and reopen it again. In my case after reopening all assets where shown. It’s still a problem, but can go on working on the mockup.