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Problem using Asset images


When I add an image (I’m using .png files, 16x16) to the Assets, it isn’t showing up in the icon picker when I need to use it. Importing the icon image to be used directly in the icon picker seems to work more reliably, but I was having a similar problem earlier in the day - which I can’t reproduce now.


Hi, Eric. Was the filename prepended with “icon_”? For example, icon_alert.png? That should work, and then your icon will appear in the Icon dialog under Assets and in quickadd under whatever name you gave it following icon_, e.g. “alert” in my example above.


After the import? I’ll have to check if it renamed it. I know the file was NOT named “icon_” on my file system before adding it as an asset into the project.


If you want them to show up in the icon picker, you’ll have to prepend image names with “icon_” and you’ll be good to go. Otherwise, they’ll just be available in the UI Library under the Assets category.


Wow, my apologies for the waste of time on this :slight_smile: