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Problem when I update libary of Symbols with importing zip bmml file


I don’t find a specific topic for my problem.
I’m builing a project (A) only with symbols to share whith other projects. ( Same as Library bootstrap.bmml)

I export my project A ( menu > Export ->project to Bmml’s Zip) to make a library in a zip file. I share this zip to other projects .bmpr.
The others project import this zip file and add these symbols.

When I want to change or add a symbol in my library of my project A, and I export again my project in zip file , and that the other projects import the updated zip file, the reference of my symbols are broken in the projects . ( It’s the same when I delete the symbols before import zip file)

Sorry for my english.

Thanks for the answeres

S. Plasman


Hello @stephen_Plasman

I’m really sorry for the symbol trouble here. Unfortunately, I don’t have a suggestion on how to get this to work at present. When you import the new set of symbols, none of them will be linked up to your project, and that’s why they break.

This is some that will become possible with our new Balsamiq Cloud web application. Since both Balsamiq Cloud and Mockups 3 for Desktop use BMPRs, you won’t need to export and import, which will keep the symbol library links intact.

If you’d like, I’d be happy to invite you to the Balsamiq Cloud Beta, so that you can see if that works better for you. Just let me know.

Otherwise, keep an eye on That’s where we will announce its official release!

I’m sorry again for the trouble here. It shouldn’t be a problem for much longer!



Thank you for your reply.

Okay, I’ll go and see the Balsamiq cloud. Just a question: I bought
for licenses for Desktop Balsamiq. Can I convert or use my licenses?

Thanks and I would like to know if the cloud version is correct for me.

Have a good day



Cloud isn’t quite ready for primetime yet, @stephen_Plasman, but we are getting close.

Cloud is also subscription based, so its pricing structure is a little differently than Desktop. There won’t be a way to convert your licenses, but if you get in touch with the sales team after we launch Cloud, we will see what we can do!