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Problem with hyphen: Display Error


Hi together,
New in Balsamiq Forum. I do not know if this problem would have to be reported directly to the support.

But maybe someone has the same problem and a simple solution. There ist a strange behaviour with many hyphens, when someone is following on an »r«. The next word is greyed and wrapping hyphens are missing.

Edit-Area is :

This is realy troublesome.

The same strange behaviour also in the »browser-element« :

When I delete the »r« before the hyphen, the wrapping-hyphens around the word reappears and the word is in “clean” black:

Edit-Area is :

Also in Text and all the other Elements …

Had someone else the same behaviour? Is this maybe a render-bug. Or could I change some setting to work without this miss-rendering. I can escape the hyphen with a Backslash, but this is not a useful solution, because in the workflow, I got problems in other tools with this wrong backslash …

Thanks for your help


Hi, Martin. Unfortunately in this case the outcome is because wrapping text in hyphens in some controls like the textarea in our notation causes it to look like disabled text. So if you did this:

-this is disabled- but this is not

The parts inside the hyphens need to be “escaped” by adding a backslash. So in your case changing it to this will do the trick:


There’s more info about working with text here if you want to see what the other options are:

Sorry this got in the way, but hope it this helps.


Hi Mike,
thank you for the answer, explanation and the link. Sounds natural for me.
!BUT! Why this is working (or in logical from Mockup »disabling is not working«) when hyphen is following no Letter »r«?
Maybe an exceptionality to fix?

In other words:
Why the Balsamiq’s Mockup doesn’t look for exactly the exampled regex: »for disabled, use -this notation-« would say, the formatter would look for regex or Letter wrapped with »hyphen and without a Letter directly in front of, or with Space-sign before or line begin« and »hypen and without a Letter directly after, or with Space-sign or line-end«.

Would be much more easy to use, less prone to error, self-explaining and better for use in other HTML-Editor, Website-Backends and workflow-tools.

Maybe it could be a solution to optimize the formatter, because there are for sure a lot of Mockups for Websites. And therefore the url-seperation with multi-hyphens is an common use…
On the other hand, most of people wouldn’t use the markup without space, because most of the time there have to be a space to other words, or the formatter could cut-off only one (1) normal space before and after hyphen, when the corrected regex match. And maybe left a second space when two (2) of them are before or after the hyhen. So, space would have same behavour like before.
Maybe…? Would be great!

Warm regards


That is strange indeed. You’re right that the match would work if there was a space, but in your case, using in a URL did appear to cause the match to break. I’ll bring this to the dev team’s attention by reporting it as a bug, and hopefully they’ll be able to figure out what is going wrong.

Thanks for reporting the trouble!