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Problems with "Close Project" and opening BMPR files


Some of the recent changes to closing projects, and double clicking on BMPR files, seem to be interfering with each other.

Using the following steps:

  1. Have only one Project open
  2. Go to File > Close Project
  3. A fresh project will open
  4. Go to File > Quit
  5. Find a BMPR file, and double click it

Result: Both the fresh project and the project you double clicked will open.

I don’t see this behaviour if I use “File > Quit” on a saved project - only on a fresh project.


Hey @ahobday,

We implemented this to avoid any data loss when you create a new project and quit the app without saving it but you made a good point here: no need to re-open a project if it’s totally empty. I added this in our internal tracker so we can further discuss it internally and try to think about a better way to handle it.

Thanks for the feedback, that is always very helpful for us! :smile: