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Project Archiving


Can you sort the projects by last accessed (Admin)?

Can you automatically Archive projects after number of days inactive?


Hey @whittaks!

Right now, the only way to sort the archive is alphabetically. However, custom sort options are something we are looking at implementing in the future.

The archiving process, in general, is something we are looking to add functionality to; and being able to automatically archive projects sounds like something that might be really cool. I will make sure it get’s added to the list of features we are talking about adding.

Thanks for the suggestions, Stuart. I’m sorry that they are not available for you today, but they are on our radar now. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the response.

An auto-archive option on the folder would be good.

Setting the number of days within the Admin area.

With regards to the radar, can we see the radar or a release schedule so we know what to expect.

How would the changes be implemented to an existing site?


I’m not sure how we would make changes to existing sites, it’s something we would have to talk about (and test) thoroughly. It will probably be something that comes with the next big thing (adding the version 3 editor, BMPR support, etc).

As for a public radar, I don’t know how useful it would be. The backlog of features includes the awesome features that users have request, and the “pie in the sky” features our dev teams has dreamt up, without any context to differentiate the two.

It’s something we can talk about doing, though. A public roadmap isn’t a bad idea at all!