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Project Fails to Load from Network Resource


Occasionally I experience an issue where a project does not complete the loading process. B3 opens, and the loading dialog is presented, but it does not finish loading. If I close the application window, the B3 application remains running in the background.
Issue workaround is to end the process from taskmgr and relaunch.

After testing this out a few times, I believe it to be isolated to when I update to a new build, as it is the only time I encounter this item.

  1. Ensure B3 is closed and not running in background.
  2. Update build to a newer release.
  3. Launch following update.
  4. Attempt to launch project from Project\Open Recent Project.
    5, New project window launches, and the dialog appears, but the project does not finish loading (as of 5-10 mins later).


As an update, I did not experience this item in upgrading to B3 build 999.137 just now. I’m thinking this may be caused by a network lapse in connecting to the shared folder when loading the project.


Hey Nick, thanks for letting us know about this. I think there are a couple things here. First off, we recently fixed some bugs around loading resources so that everything should be loading better.

The second thing is that it sounds like you might be loading from a shared network location. Is that correct? In general, that’s not going to work as well as if you work locally and then sync your file to the shared location. We have plans to improve this process in the future, but it’s definitely tricky. Thanks!