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Project Information Panel notes disappeared!


Hi, I’m new & in need of some assistance. I was working on a mockup project and had all my notes about same written in the project information panel. Notes were specific to each page I had created in the mockup. I say were, because they’re all gone now!!! … and for each page too. The informational panels are all empty. In the past they would open with the mockup. I didn’t delete them (no way!). even though the project had been previously saved successfully many times before those same notes are now seeimingly irretrievable. These notes *have * to be someplace. I’m getting tired of tearing my already thinning hair out. L’il help anyone?!


Yikes, I’m sorry about that, @Wireframr.

Did the project information panel disappear entirely, or just the notes? Try CTRL or CMD + , and see if the panel comes back.

If your notes aren’t there, would it be possible to email the bmpr to us? That would allow us to dig deeper.

We will do everything we can to get this sorted, my friend. Hang tight!


Hi Brendan, thanks for your quick response. Guess what? D’ oh! Always start with the simplest possible thing to go wrong first, as they say in troubleshooting. I simply had to hit the inspector panel switch at the top right of the window. The notes were in there, rather than in the project information panel. I was away from the project for a few months and I must have toggled those switches back then for some reason then forgot. 5 alarm fire extinguished. Thanks very much for checking in on it though. Great response time from Balsamiq!


I’m just relieved they are still there, my friend. :slight_smile:

Let us know if you run into any other weirdness. We have all had some quality DOH moments. It’s part of the joy of using software. :slight_smile: