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Project Support in myBalsamiq


Is there an ETA for Mockups 3 Project support in myBalsamiq?

In the interim, what’s the recommended approach for trying to keep local Balsamiq projects in synch with myBalsamiq projects?

PS. Happy to put my hand up as a tester if you’re looking for willing victims


Hi @modius, thanks for checking. We don’t have an ETA at this point. It’s one of our highest priorities, and we are working hard on getting there, but it will take some time.

If you are needing to actively go back and forth between Balsamiq Desktop, and myBalsamiq, it might be best to stay on 2.2 for the time being. You can get it here if needed:

Sorry I don’t have better news yet! And thanks for the testing offer. :slight_smile: I’m sure we’ll need it as we get closer.