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Promoting Alternate version to Official


Hi Balsamiq!

Say, I have an (1) Official and an (2) Alternate version for the Mockup.
When promoting the Alternate version to Official, I got:
(1) Official (former Alternate)
(2) Old alternate
(3) Former official

(1) and (2) have the same content. So I delete the (2), as my goal is just to set the Alternate version as the official one.

And even worse, if I decide to switch the versions back and have not deleted the duplicate, I got:
(1) Official (former Former official)
(2) Old alternate
(3) Former official 1
(4) Former official 2

And so forth… Gee, I have two versions and just want to switch these!

So the question is: Is the promote behavior can be changed, so I just set some version as the Official one without duplicating? Or probably I just missed something and duplicates are necessary?

Dear balsamiqans, please share you thoughts. Thank you.


Thanks for sharing your thoughts about this one, @Alexey_Kolchenko!

We were already planning to revisit this action at some point so I’m adding your vote to prioritize this one. We’ll get to it! :slight_smile: