Prototype view not appearing

On the project view (I have just one project) I do not see the prototype view icon anywhere. I’ve checked every menu as well.

Has it been removed? I see how to create a project share link but this is less desirable than a simple prototype view that I can share with potential clients


Hey @Sean_D,

Sorry for the confusion we have caused. Balsamiq Cloud doesn’t have a prototype view like myBalsamiq did. Instead, we offer the ability to share a public web link that brings you to the project with read and comment permissions. Once viewing the project, your collaborators can launch the Full Screen Presentation Mode, just as they would from the normal Balsamiq Editor.

Let me know if that works for you and your team. We are currently evaluating if we need to do more with the public link, so your comments are super timely. :slight_smile:

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What’s unappealing about the 2-step solution of (1) sharing public review link then (2) user receiving the link must launch Full Screen Presentation mode, is that step #2 requires a LOT more knowledge/instruction than I desire in order to easily share a mockup with a non-Balsamiq user.

What’s desirable is a public link that puts the mockup immediately into Full Screen Presentation mode. (So you could consider this a request for that feature.)

The difference is:
Hi, please click on this link and interact with the mockup!
Hi please click on this link. Then on the page you’ll see with dozens of controls, find the control that looks like an arrow-in-a-square that’s near the top right, and underneath the row that has menu items. If you mouse over it, it’ll say “Full Screen Presentation”. Or you can (if on Mac, do this hot-key-combo, or if on Windows, do other hot-key-combo). And THEN…please interact with the mockup!

Agreed, @mbearden. We are going to work on this soon. :slight_smile:

What’s the status of this request?

I agree with @Sean_D & @mbearden . I need to be able to send my Engineers a link that opens just the prototype not a menu screen where there’s an additional click to see what it is that I want them to see.

It is still very much on our list of things we want to do, @Colin_K. We haven’t begun work on it yet because most of the development team is focused on getting the new desktop apps out the door. Once those are done, however, we will be able to address things like this.

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Would you mind telling me where the share button is? Version 3.5.17

Hi again @dolehowyee! :slight_smile:

I’ve just replied to your email but wanted to mention the sharing options for our current Desktop product here as well.

We’ll be here if you need anything else.

Thank you very much!

But I prefer sharing url which could be updated without bothering those whom I share with.

Public sharing is very necessary and it takes so many steps to transport projects from Balsamiq desktop to Balsamiq Cloud. And it could be perfect if there is a “share” button on Balsamiq desktop.:slight_smile:

That’s something we’re working on for our next major Desktop version, @dolehowyee. Thanks for sharing your need!