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Question: Change individual sizes of multiple objects


Hey Guys,

is it possible to change the individual size of multiple objects, if I have a large group of similar objects selected?
For example:

I have a number of objects on a background, like this blue squares (100x100).
Now I want to increase the total number of them and therefore would like to shrink them individually.
(Just an example, the real deal is with pictures and stuff, but it’s work related, can’t show :wink: )

Is there a way to select all of them and shrink them together, whereas each one is shrunk, not the total group?
I mean, if I select the group from the picture I get a selection of 752x332 pixels. What should I do now, if I want 18 squares of 60x60, instead of the given 100x100? (Copy/paste or duplicate is in option for the example, but in the real world I am using pictures and some have multiple layers, so it will get tricky).

To be honest, I found a workaround, but I think that’s not how it is to be done.

I copy my selection, open a text document, paste it, search the old values (100) and replace them with the new ones (80). Copy paste back into balsamiq, works.
Any suggestions?

Kind Regards


Hey @ArcticMe,

Thanks for detailing your need on this.

The best way to achieve this in our tool for now is indeed to use to copy/paste/duplicate options once one element has been resized but I agree that this could be improved.

I added your comment and vote for this to help us prioritize this one, we’ll look into it!


Hi @ArcticMe,

We just released our latest official version (3.3.5) including a new “Resize To” feature!

You can now select multiple controls and resize them to match the widest, narrowest, tallest or shortest in the selection.

Thanks again for requesting this, hope you’ll enjoy it! :smile:

You can get the new version (3.3.5) here:

And the complete release notes are here:


Cool, thank you!
Pretty nice changes you made in the last couple of versions :slightly_smiling: