[QUESTION] Is a paid license required to review and comment?


Our Dev Team Manager and our Product Manager do not need to edit wireframes but do need to review and comment on them. However, they don’t seem to have access to the review and comment option when they are viewing the document using the free version of the application. Is this supposed to be a limitation of the application - that asking non-designers to review and comment requires a full license - or is this a bug?

(We are using Wireframes for Google Drive)


Hi @Jenni_Merrifield,

We recently managed to allow unlicensed users to have access to Reviewing and Commenting on a project so your colleagues should be able to access those functionalities.

The only requirement is that you share the project with them by setting their access to Can comment in this case, as shown below.

Could you please try to change their access permission to this one and see if it works on your end?

Hopefully, that should do the trick but please let us know if you need more help with this. :slight_smile:


The users in question actually have “Can edit” rights on the file because it’s stored in a shared folder where we can all add and edit files. I’ll see if explicitly downgrading their rights to just “Can comment” allows them to get access to that functionality.

I will note, however, that even if that does works, “Can edit” rights generally includes commenting on other document types so I would expect users with those rights to be able to review and comment even when they are using the unlicensed viewer.



Yep, they should be able to view and comment even with an expired license.

Let us know if you see something different!


Okay, so, yeah, when my manager has full “Can Edit” rights he is unable to add comments to the file, but when I downgrade him to “Can Comment” then he can.

He doesn’t need to be able to edit, so “Can Comment” is a reasonable workaround for now. However, our files are stored in a location where everyone with access has “Can Edit” rights by default so this bug would require us to explicitly set the rights on each Balsamiq file for those who really need to be able to comment even though they should be able to comment with their default rights.


Ahh, I see what you’re saying Jenni. Let me see if we can do anything about that from our end. It may be a byproduct of how Google Drive wired.

I’ll update you as soon as i hear.


Ack, I’m sorry @Jenni_Merrifield. I have been waiting to hear how we are going to move forward with this, and I completely forgot to update you. Thanks for the nudge. :slight_smile:

I spoke with Sax about it last week, but we have had to tackle some backend stuff, so we haven’t had a chance to make a decision. As soon as I have more news than that, I will let you know :slight_smile:


One more update, @Jenni_Merrifield. We are prepping a big team release for Balsamiq Wireframes for Google Drive. Hopefully it will be ready by early next week.

After that, we will look into changing this.


@Jenni_Merrifield This should be fixed as of this morning. :slight_smile:


Yes! I put my manager back to “Can Edit” and asked him to try and add a comment and it worked.

Thanks for getting to this so quickly!