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Question/observation about new combo box control


I’ve been playing around with the new combo box controls that were added in release 3.3.5 and have a question/observation…

When the Selection is changed to a value other than the first line, the first line (“Default Value”) is removed from the combo box. I was expecting to see “Default Value” even when the other options were selected.

Was this an intentional feature? The reason I ask is the behavior of the mockup combo box is different from that actual Selection box used to make the combo box selection.

(Big Thanks to Brendan for the RecordIt tip!)


My first thought reading this was yours, Russ. I wondered if it was a technical limitation.

Talked to the UX folks about this, just to be sure. As it turns out, it is because we want to allow users the flexibility of using the first value as a prompt, rather than a choice, if they wanted.

That way, a user could make the first value a call to action that they didn’t want to be in the list itself. But, if they decided they wanted it in the list, they could add it in manually.


Thanks for the follow up on this one. I noticed the release notes had “Combo Box” as the first value, similar to my “Default Value”, but there was not a notation about the intent behind this.