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Questions About Where Assets Can/Should Be Stored


Hi, I’m currently wire framing my first site with Mockups 3. My questions have to do with the file structure best practices for a Project, in general, and the location and relationship of Assets to the .bmpr file. My site got off to a bit of a “messy” start before I knew it in that I have multiple versions of the Project .bmpr (older versions) and a couple of Assets folders in two different folders. I wire frame both at my office and at home and generally update the Project to the opposite locate as needed.

I’d like to consolidate the files at this point and get things in order before I go further. I imagine a proper directory would look like: Project folder>Project .bmpr, Assets folder>various Assets. How would I go about moving the current Assets folder to a new location while ensuring that everything stays synced? Also, once Assets are imported into a Project, are they then contained in the actual .bmpr file itself or are they linked from the Assets folder to the .bmpr file.

Thanks for the help,



Nice to hear from you again, Joe! :slight_smile:

It sounds like you are used to the old Mockups 2 folder/file structure for projects. One of the things we changed with Mockups 3 is that everything is stored in the BMPR file.

So if you copy an asset into a project, or need to create a new mockup, it’s all contained within the same BMPR file. To demonstrate this, check out the webdemo. You can even download the BMPR file using Project > Download Project BMPR.

If you have a lot of single mockup BMPR files, you can open them and drag the mockups from one navigator panel to the other. This will copy the mockup and any assets/symbols it is using.

Let me know if we can help you consolidate your BMPRs, Joe. We’d love to help!


Hi Brendan, thanks for the quick reply! That’s great and what I was hoping for. So no need for me to update the Assets at the two locations, I just need to use an updated copy of the .bmpr at whichever location I’m at. This is super! Thanks again,



Absolutely, my friend!

You may also find the Transition Guide useful. It goes over some of the other differences between Mockups 2 and Mockups 3. :slight_smile:


OK, thanks!