Quick access to frequently used assets

Feature to quickly use assets that we use frequently. Not necessarily that last or recent ones.

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Hey again, @danellesheree, long time no talk :smile:

I like this a lot, but I’m trying to figure out the best way to go about it. The problem is that adding a new UI element makes all the UI elements harder to browse (that’s why we added the quick add box - to attempt to solve issues like this.)

How do you envision this working?

Maybe like this? http://note.io/1IrvpkW

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Would you want it to include site assets as well? Or just project assets?

Both. Here is an article that might help a bit explain why. http://www.danellebailey.com/design-blog/2015/8/27/how-our-design-team-uses-balsamiq-as-a-project-hub

We reuse assets across projects, but as we work on a large project, recent assets would be incredibly helpful to keep reusing, too.


Gotcha, that makes sense.

I’ve added it to the feature tracker so that the team can talk about it!

If other folks would find this helpful, throw a like (or comment) onto this post :smile: