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Quick Add not populating suggestions

My Quick Add stopped working for some reason. When I type in the ‘Quick Add’ box, no suggestions are populated.

Any idea why?

Thank you,

Hello @mhallem1218,

Very curious. Which version of Balsamiq are you using? Can you give me an example of text you’re starting to type into the Quick Add box and I’ll roll up my sleeves and dig into this for you?


I’m using version 4.0.17.
I’m still on the trial.

It’s funny because I remember it working in the beginning and now it doesn’t.

I tried typing different things but attached is a screen shot of me typing ‘ama’ hoping to bring up ‘Amazon’ icon.
Nothing happens…even if I hit enter or search icon.

Thanks for looking into this!


Hi again,

Quick update on this.

I saved the project to another location and when I reopened it, the ‘Quick Add’ started working again.


Hello again,

That is a little odd. When you get a moment, would you download and install the latest Windows version (4.0.18) and let us know if the behavior persists? You can always grab the latest version here:

Thank you. I installed the latest version and so far so good.

I will let you know if I experience the same issue again.

Thank you,

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